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Follow your artists aftercare instructions for optimal healing results

Wild Ink Tattoo Aftercare

  1. Approximately 2-4 hours after receiving your tattoo, remove bandage and wash with luke warm water and unscented soap.
  2. Starting a day or two after your tattoo, Immediately after each washing/drying session use the tattooist recommended lotion, The artist will also let you know about their recommendation for aftercare.
  3. Lightly cover the tattoo with the ointment mentioned above. Just a small amount.  Use a thin enough coat to lightly cover the tattoo and keep it moist.  Do not over medicate, (if ointment bubbles up or appears shiny, you are over medicating.)  To remove excess ointment, BLOT off with a paper towel five minutes after applying moisturizer.
  4. For the next 6-10 days keep tattoo moist (with lotion) by applying the cream 1-2 times a day. If tattoo dries out to much overscabbing will occur. Do not soak tattoo in water or lotion!
  5. If possible wear only white cotton over the tattoo for the next few days.
  6. Keep tattoo out of the sun for next 2 weeks, no swimming (lakes or pools), tanning, sauna or hot tubing to obtain proper healing.
  7. After your tattoo heals, put sunblock (SPF#50) on it when it is exposed.
  8. If you think the tattoo is infected, please come see us before seeking a doctor, reason being alot of the time the tattoo isnt infected it is just irritated or heavily scabbing, we can confirm this for you for peace of mind!
  9. Never use polysporin, neosporin or vaseline on your tattoo unless directed.

Wild Ink Piercings AFTERCARE

A member of the Wild Ink staff will perform your piercing, Upon Completion of the said piercing, Wild Ink and its employees are not responsible for any or all of the blame if the aftercare is not followed properly or ignored. Remember no piercing can be guaranteed as it is a foreign object in your body, but if you follow the proper aftercare techniques it will greatly improve your chance of your piercing healing. If you have any problems, feel free to call us. We’re here to help. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST JEWELRY/BALL ENDS ONCE YOU LEAVE THE STORE, SLEEPING CHANGING CLOTHES, TOWELS , BLANKETS , MASKS, HAIR ETC CAN CAUSE LOOSE ENDS SO PLEASE CHECK IT AND TIGHTEN JEWLERY DAILY!!!!!!!!!!! We recommend NEILMED, or sterile saline solution for aftercare on piercings.

General Piercing Information

  • May be tender, sore, itchy and/or uncomfortable for a few days to a few weeks, swelling and discomfort can be reduced with ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory
  • may secrete a white/pale yellow fluid which crusts on jewelry
  • may be red or bruise slightly
  • minimum healing times are generally 8-18 weeks, but may very depending on the location and individual person
  • tighten beads daily with clean hands to ensure jewelry wont fall out
  • we do not recommend changing the jewelry before it has healed enough to support a jewlery change.
  • Piercings take time to heal! they will not heal in a week, be patitent, it is a foreign object in your body.

Care for facial and body piercing

  • wash gently in shower using unscented soap and pat dry with a clean towel-clean using NEILMED saline wash (Available in store) or a sterile irrigation saline solution ( available at most pharmacies 0.9 sodium chloride solution. Remove any crust that has formed on jewelry using a saturated q-tip with cleaning soultion.
  • clean piercing 2-3 times a day, over cleaning will result in irration and cause problems.
  • rubbing alcohol, polysporin, antibacertial gel and hyrdogen peroxide should NEVER BE USED. Both are harsh and prolong healing time and kill off ‘good bacteria”.
  • Ointments /oil-based creams smother and prevent the piercing from being able to breath, also prolonging healing time
    Oral Piercing Aftercare
  • each time you eat drink, or smoke you rinse your mouth with alcohol free listerine – if you have a lip piercing clean as above for inside of the mouth and treat as a facial/body piercing (instructions above) for outside of the mouth-suck on crushed ice to reduce swelling. No kissing, sharing drinks or any sexual contact to the area while its healing.


If you think you have an infection please come in and let the piercer take a look, DISCHARGE is not always an infection. A lot of the time its usually irration or the wrong aftercare being used and not an infection, if it is an infection we will advise you to the doctors for antibiotics, however if it isnt infected the doctor will make you take the jewelry out and the hole will close up so check with us first so you dont lose the piercing.

If you have questions about your new tattoo or piercing, please contact your artist right away so we can assist you. No question is a stupid question!